Whichever course you've done with us, there's now a world of adventure out there - waiting for you


We've teamed up with Rubicon 3, the UK's leading adventure sailing operators, to help you take that next step. Sail to Iceland. Navigate Svalbard. Tour the coast of Morocco. Explore Cuba. The choice is yours on their fleet of thoroughbred ocean going yachts


Our training will have set you up perfectly for any one of their expeditions and their instructors will then work with you to develop your skills further and implement them in real life sailing expeditions.

January - March 2017 The new year sees the second running of our expedition down the coast of Morocco. This is way off the beaten track for yachts and a mixture of stunning sailing and great exploration ashore. The expedition finishes in the Canaries, where Hummingbird then has a wonderful 10 day cruise around the Canaries. Short day sails, a couple of longer passages and beaches and blissful anchorages galore. She then moves into our 'baby' ocean trip - the 350nm sail from the Canaries to Madeira. This is the perfect introduction to ocean sailing and is followed by two big ocean passages. First she heads up to the Azores, and then the big 1000nm+ from the Azores to the UK
Sailing holidays from Morocco to Canaries, madeira, Azores, UK
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April - June 2017 April sees the launch of Longbow and she starts with some short warm up voyages. First from the centre of London to Amsterdam and then from Amsterdam up to Edinburgh. Hummingbird meanwhile heads across the Channel and up to Dublin on our first Passage Making Masterclass of the season. This is the absolute best thing for Day Skippers who need to make that next step. Hummingbird then continues up the west coast of Scotland and on to the Faroes via the Hebrides. From there it's an ocean passage up into the Arctic Circle and Norway. Longbow meanwhile heads from Edinburgh up to the east coast of Iceland, via the Faroes, and then sails from Iceland to Norway, meeting up with Hummingbird in Bodo, just above the Arctic Circle. Just scraping into June, both boats then sail together up through the stunning Lofoten Islands from Bodo to Tromso.
Sailing holidy and expedition route map Scorland Faroes Iceland Norway
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Waaay off the beaten track for Rubicon 3. Where you'd normally find us battling icebergs, sand storms or dodging gales, this Easter we decided it was time just to have fun on the new boat. Rachael and Bruce sailing together again like year 1, and we're out to have a pretty special Easter weekend! Only 7 places on this one ...

An unusual one for us!

July - September 2017 We're into big expeditions time. Up in the high latitudes and very remote areas, the creature comforts may diminish a bit but the adventure ramps up to the maximum. Hummingbird turns west for the magical island of Jan Mayan, deep in the north Atlantic and uninhabited, before pushing on to the north coast of Iceland. From there she explores the westfjords and finishes in the capital Reykjavik. Longbow meanwhile heads north to Svalbard and the edges of the polar ice cap. This is as wild and remote as it gets. A second expedition brings her back down to Tromso, and then its another glorious romp through the Lofoten Islands back to Bodo. In September, Hummingbird sails from Iceland to the Hebrides and then down through the whisky distilleries of Scotland en route to Bristol. Longbow meanwhile has a Passage Making Masterclass down the coast of Norway, before finishing with the viking route from Norway to Bristol.
sailing expedtion and holidays in Norway Svalbard Spitsbergen and Scotland
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Do have a look at our Facebook page. We post as often as we can from each expedition. It's the best way to see where we go, who goes on these expeditions and what daily life is like. The photos page in particular will give you a great feel for it all!

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