Sep 18 - Oct 01 2017


Starts: Alesund, Norway

Ends: Bristol, UK


One of our most popular routes to close the summer season, starting in the fjord region of Norway. This is a real adventure, mixing coastal sailing, open water passages, with Norway, the Shetlands, the stunning west coast of Scotland Dublin all on the itinerary. Adventure in September? This is the place to be.

Route map for the adventure holiday and sailing expedition from Norway to the UK
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  • The beautiful Norwegian coast - maybe see a fjord or two!
  • Open water ocean sailing
  • Possibility to explore the Shetland Isles
  • Stunning west coast of Scotland and a distillery visit or two
  • Dublin and a Guinness?
  • Sail up the awesome Avon gorge

    This is a possible itinerary. Exact timings and locations


    Day 1: Joining day

    • Join the boat between 1200 and 2000hrs. Get your belongings packed away and relax. There's plenty of things to do in the future but right now it's about relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. Alesund is a very pretty town in Norway and all around you will be soaring cliffs, fjords and mini archipelagoes. Shopping and exploring is a must!

    Day 2: Briefings and training

    • Today is all about getting up to speed with the boat. Whether you are a complete novice or more experienced sailor, everyone benefits from detailed introductions, safety briefings and training sessions. By lunchtime we should be casting off the lines, hoisting the sails and working through all the key manoeuvres such as tacking and gybing. By the end of the day everyone on board should feel comfortable with the basics - even though there's much more to learn! We will probably find ourselves a little secluded anchorage to get our Norwegian adventure started

    Day 3-5: Explore Norway and across to Shetland

    • The exact timings are completely weather dependant, but all going well we can spend another day exploring this beautiful coast before we set off across the North Sea. Hummingbird, a 60' ocean going yacht is in her element here and it's a thrilling sail as we charge through the water. The destination could be Orkney or Shetland depending on the wind angles and after about 36 hours at sea we'll be pulling in for some more exploring. These islands are just beautiful, and a very special place to spend some time with ancient towns such as Kirkwall or Lerwick. They are also right on the whale migratory routes and we may see whales, porpoises and more en route.

    Day 6-9: Around Cape Wrath and exploring the wonderland of the west coast of Scotland

    • We now have time to explore our way down one of the world's great cruising grounds. The islands of Jura, Sky and Mull are all possibilities and not only can we sail in this beautiful area, there should be the chance to stop at some whisky distilleries on the way and pick up some of the local speciality!

    Days 10-11: Passage to Dublin

    • Our next goal is  Dublin on the east coast of Ireland. This is always a very special stop over and the city has such charm and such a warm welcome that we always try to make it here if we can. It also sells great Guinness!

    Day 12-13: Passage to Bristol

    • We now have our final sail as we head back across the North Sea bound for the west country. It's another great chance to learn more about open water sailing and it's made all the better for finishing with a spectacular sail up the Avon Gorge and right into the very heart of Bristol. What a route!

    Day 14:  Debriefs, clean up and goodbyes

    • It's always amazing how quickly everyone has become firm friends and the boat and its routines seem so familiar. Yet it's time to wrap it all up and head home. We'll get the boat back to how we found it, sign logbooks, exchange emails and disembark by 1200hrs


    • Fly in to Alesund, Norway. It is very well served by Norwegian and SAS. You should join the boat between 1200 and 2000hrs. If you will be later than this, it's not a problem just let us know
    • Disembark at 1200 hrs on the leaving day in Bristol. It is close to the airport and rail station.



    • All foul weather clothing
    • Lifejackets
    • All on-board food and accommodation
    • All training and certification



    • Flights
    • Transfer to or from the airport
    • Travel insurance



    • Sleeping bag
    • Waterproof boots
    • Warm clothes



    • You can earn RYA Competent Crew on this route



    • Our routes are not overly physical and anyone with basic daily fitness will be more than capable to join. However, you will need to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions.

    Singles sailing holiday and adventures - who you'll sail with

    Crew size

    On non ocean passages, the maximum number of crew is 8. This gives an instructor - crew ration of 4:1 which is ideal. It also means you will have plenty of time on the helm, navigating and improving your sail trim. For ocean passages, we increase the crew size to 9 which makes the watch system far more comfortable and means you can get better rest.


    Men and women

    Our expeditions are usually pretty evenly split between men and women with, if anything, a slight bias toward women. Of course, some expeditions can vary from this balance, but it is unusual. It would be very unlikely indeed that you were the only man or the woman amongst the crew.



    Anyone joining us must be 18 years or over, but there is no upper age limit. Indeed, we've had a 75 year old novice sail with us up into the Arctic and he coped superbly. There's a full range of ages on board with the majority being between 30 - 60. We find age immaterial on board as it's a mindset that draws people on to these expeditions and you will be with some fun and inspiring fellow crew.


    Sailing background

    Our most common crew profile would be - "I've sailed a bit in the past and got my Day Skipper, but I'm very rusty". Everyone thinks they're unique in that but they're not! That said, we also get complete novices on most expeditions along with one or two more experienced crew members. the point is - don't worry. If you're new to sailing, we'll work with you from the first steps and if you're much more experienced, we can help you develop some advanced concepts and techniques.


    Couples & singles

    The vast majority of our crew come alone, although couples or groups are absolutely welcome. Being an ex race boat, the accommodation is open plan and we cannot give individual cabins.


Make this the sailing holiday or adventiure of a lifetime by joining two trips together
No previous experience required - we'll give you the training you need Choose your next sailing holiday carefully - only sail with the best to make sur eyour adventure goes as well as it should

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